Topsoil and Mixes


50/50 Planter Mix

50% organic compost (see soil amendments), 50% screened sandy loam (see below).

Good for flower and vegetable gardens. Can also be used for sod and all planting if customer wants "the best".

Raise the level of your planting areas and plant directly into this or roto-til into existing dirt. General purpose topsoil mix for sod, shrubs, ground cover, and etc.


80/20 Topsoil Mix

20% compost, 80% screened sandy loam.

For filling deeper planter areas, raising the ground level. Higher dirt ratio will stabilize the mix, won't decompose as fast as other topsoils (80% remains stable, and 20% continues to decompose over time).


Sandy Loam

100% "sandy" dirt that has been screened down to 1 inch for filling holes, covering drains, and as a planting foundation. Good under concrete or whenever NON-ORGANIC MATERIAL is wanted. Good under planter mixes if filling deep planters. Opposite of our poor-draining native "clay" soil or dirt in SoCal. The Mission SJC was built using our brick-like native clay-based soil.  It is difficult to grow anything in clay due to poor drainage.


Fill Dirt

Unscreened dirt.   Good for filling deep holes (swimming pool holes), non-planting areas, or when cost is the main factor.